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We help leaders and teams expand their capacity to learn, work and innovate together.

Continue to explore this website to learn more about our approach and services and/or contact us today to schedule a discovery call.

Welcome to Collective Learning and Leading, where we specialize in unlocking the full potential of your organization through facilitation, coaching and consulting services.

  • Is your team facing challenges in communication, collaboration or overall dynamics?

  • Are the members of your leadership team struggling with decision-making processes?

  • Are you seeking personalized coaching for leadership and/or team development? 

  • Is your organization in need of strategic guidance and/or cultural transformation?

We typically serve leaders and teams of:

  • education institutions and

  • mission-driven organizations.

We customize our services with varied roles based on your need for a:

  • facilitator,

  • coach, and/or

  • consultant.

We leverage our facilitative leadership approach by:

  • using discussion-based techniques and tools to make thinking visible and dialogue inclusive and engaging;

  • fostering collective inquiry, transparent practices and reflective dialogue; and

  • creating a supportive community of leaders and team members.

We have leaders and teams ask us to help them:

  • develop and grow as a team;

  • unpack problems, brainstorm ideas, create solutions, and continuously learn and innovate; 

  • design and facilitate retreats, workshops and effective meetings;

  • design and facilitate professional learning that is experiential and relevant; 

  • construct and operationalize strategic plans;

  • construct and operationalize department alignment plans; and/or

  • grow as a facilitative leader in one's mindset and skills.

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch today.

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