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Collective Learning and Leading was founded in February 2021 by Tammy Hobson who is a Facilitator, Leadership Coach and Consultant that helps leaders and teams expand their capacity to learn, work and innovate together. In the role of a facilitator, she leads dynamic and engaging sessions that unlock the collective wisdom of teams, fostering collaboration and sparking innovative solutions. As a coach, she works closely with leaders to cultivate their strengths, navigate challenges and inspire growth. In her consultant role, she brings strategic insight and tailored solutions to organizations that are seeking guidance in aligning goals and actions that drive teams toward success and a collective impact.

Tammy specializes in Facilitative Leadership which is a style of leadership that she has practiced for over 20 years and continues to use as a facilitator, coach and consultant. Facilitative Leadership, at the core of Tammy's approach, is a style of leadership that values and incorporates team members’ perspectives, ideas and solutions while also creating the conditions for each member to become part of a cohesive team. Organizational goals are achieved by leaders and teams taking a collective approach to create and realize a common vision.

The purpose of this approach is to cultivate a culture where everyone is a learner and leader. Collective Learning and Leading was created with Facilitative Leadership at the heart of it which is reflected in the name:

Tammy Hobson
  • COLLECTIVE - all involved, no matter their position, that represent a team and become a community as they work toward common goals

  • LEARNING - all involved, no matter their position, take on the role as a learner and are open to other team members' ideas and ways of working

  • LEADING - all involved, no matter their position, take on the role as a leader who prioritizes the needs of others and learn deeply about the members of the team and their skills, remove barriers and champion efforts and a positive culture


Vision and Mission

The mission of Collective Learning and Leading is to help leaders and teams expand their capacity to learn, work and innovate together.


Collective Learning and Leading envisions all members of an organization finding value in and adding value to their communities as they work together to amplify their collective impact.



  • Clarify and revisit the purpose often

  • Connect the what and how to the why

  • Think critically about the past, present and future

Act with SYNERGY

  • Seek and find value in different perspectives

  • Compromise to make room for a new idea or approach

  • Create time and space for collaboration


  • Be honest with yourself and others

  • Do the right thing and your part in supporting the team

  • Form relationships creating opportunities to build trust


  • Learn the traits, needs and aspirations of others

  • Seek ways to support others

  • Demonstrate authenticity in helping others


  • Ask questions that help to clarify as well as broaden and deepen understanding

  • Take it apart, put it back together...repeat 

  • Learn from others and yourself via frequent reflection

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